«We will get people in a good mood!»

At Steigen Sjøhus, everything is set for a relaxing holiday rich in fine nature-based experiences.
 The accommodation is located on a breakwater offering a spectacular view of the Vestfjorden, the Lofoten “wall” and the Midnight Sun. Just across the fjord lies Svolvær. It’s only a stone’s throw from your modern seaside apartment down to the floating jetty where nine 19 ft boats equipped with 50 hp await keen fishermen.


The beautiful archipelago in which the resort is located is protected and extremely valuable. When you get tired of fishing, you can "loaf" around and look for white-tailed sea eagles. Spotting one of these majestic seabirds won’t be a major challenge as the archipelago in Steigen has the world's highest concentrations of white-tailed sea eagles.

The resort is suitable for anglers, sea fishing clubs, sports divers and families who want to paddle a canoe in a fantastic archipelago. In collaboration with our local partners, we can tailor a package to meet your individual requirements. Perhaps we could include a trip to the unique, abandoned lighthouse Flatøy fyr.

We wish you all a warm welcome to Steigen Sjøhus!

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